For my university class editorial photography, I choosed to photograph male friends that wearing suits and having a certain beardstyle, the series been called, “the modern gentleman”. Since I knew that Billy has no fear of wearing colourful clothes, I let him wear a punchy orange suit. The photo-shooting took place near Tempelhofer Feld, since I enjoyed the overall pastel-look of the buildings nearby, which made Billy look like he is the landlord of the complex.

billy looking to the camera frontal
billy looking to the right, suit open
billy looking to the left close-up



billy looking to the right
billy looking to the left
Billy looking in front of camera

Billy aka Billheincock born in saarbruecken, nowadays based in Berlin. His music style goes in the direction of Soul, HipHop and RnB, he also uses elements of Gospel. Nowadays he also creates samples for producers and songwriters. You can find his latest music on following platforms: SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify.