This is a Canon 35AL, which I brought back in 2010 as a party camera when go clubbing with friends. Sadly the camera door can’t be closed properly anymore, so I need use heavy duty tape.

The battery contact wasn’t so good anymore so I putted a metal paper clip between both batteries, e voila Frankenstein is born. 😉


I always seeked to own a Leica Camera but never believed the hype about it, now I own one I can understand it.
It’s another experience of photographing, even thought many would keep say it’s a regular 35mm filmcamera. The way this camera looks and feels, is a way different then the regular affairs.

About the M4-P:

The Leica M4-P is the successor of the M5 (wait what, why the number goes down?) well Leica had as well bad times so they tried reduced the cost by producing in Canada instead Germany, many still don’t like how the M5 feels and look, even when it had far modern components such as a build in metering. With the M4-P Leica rescued themself from getting bankrupt, the succesor M6 is pretty much an M4-P including metering and producing in Germany, since those went over the last 2 years from 1000-1200€ to 1800-2200€ I decided on the M4-P.

About the Summicron-C 40mm:

This Lens been build ordinary for the Leica CL but it works fine with every M-Mount Leica, the only downside is that on a analogue one it would show you the 50mm frameline. So you either aware that you get more in the frame or modding the lens, by file a bit on the bajonett so it shows the 35mm lens frameline since it’s closer for many to the 40mm focal length. Got it from the Leica Store Berlin for a decent price, sometimes it seems local shops keeping some gems hidden from Online presentation in order to offer something for those that keep visiting shops in person.